Congratulations, election winners!

The BDC would like to congratulate the elected officials who won their races in 2012. This year, the BDC endorsed 16 of 20 winning candidates and ballot measure campaigns. 

Tom Bates, Mayor of BerkeleyTom Bates, Mayor of Berkeley

As Mayor, Tom Bates has balanced ten consecutive budgets while expanding programs for the homeless and our youth. With his leadership, Berkeley has improved city services and conditions in our business districts. Sound financial management has allowed Berkeley to maintain the highest bond rating for any city of its size. Despite trying economic times, the City has balanced 10 consecutive budgets while expanding programs for the homeless and our youth. Bates has helped improve city services, enhanced conditions in our business districts, and supported the 2020 Vision partnership to eliminate the achievement gap in our public schools by 2020. Our streets are safer, with major crime at a 20-year low.

Berkeley’s Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has been recognized by the United Nations as “the best plan in North America.” Endorsed by the Sierra Club, Bates has protected neighborhoods by limiting major new development to the downtown and major transit corridors, and is working to foster start-up incubators and increase flexible zoning to allow small Berkeley businesses to grow and stay in Berkeley.


City Council


Darryl-MooreCouncilmember Darryl Moore

Darryl Moore was first elected to the Berkeley City Council in 2004, after previously serving as a trustee on the Peralta Community College Board and as a member of the city’s public works, housing advisory and zoning commissions. He also works at the Oakland Housing Authority as a senior management analyst. As Councilmember, Moore has worked for the Pedestrian Master Plan and the West Berkeley Circulation Plan to relieve congestion and improve pedestrian safety. He supports real-time crime data, community policing, and targeted policing for effective and focused deployment of resources to deal with public-safety problems. To boost economic growth and more jobs, he has pushed for policies that can attract green tech and bioscience industries to Southwest Berkeley. Moore is also endorsed by the Berkeley Firefighters and Assemblymember Nancy Skinner.


Laurie CapitelliCouncilmember Laurie Capitelli

Laurie Capitelli has brought to the City Council years of experience as a Berkeley businessman, public school parent, education advocate and member of the City’s Planning Commission and Zoning Adjustments Board. His deep understanding of process and possibility enabled him to improve conditions for small businesses -through street amenities and streamlined zoning – while actively mitigating impacts to the neighborhoods. The City’s operating budget is balanced, and his proposal to require full financial reports and projections at the beginning of each budget cycle was approved unanimously by the City Council. His vision for Berkeley requires success for all children, so priorities for the coming term include public safety, disaster preparedness and full realization of the Vision 2020 goals for children birth to 5. Capitelli is endorsed by the Sierra Club, Senator Hancock, Assemblymember Skinner, the Mayor and four Councilmembers, and the Alameda Democratic Party.


Susan-WengrafCouncilmember Susan Wengraf

Councilmember Susan Wengraf has been accessible and responsive to the needs and concerns of her constituents. Her commitment to excellent schools, reducing property crime, improving disaster preparedness, enhancing street lighting, repairing our streets, maintaining parks, expanding plastics recycling and calming traffic will continue. Wengraf is pushing for better transit options for District 6 residents and a good neighbor policy on view protections. Prior to being elected to the Council, she served as Aide to former Councilmember Betty Olds. Living in Berkeley since 1969, she has also enjoyed careers as a classroom teacher and a documentary filmmaker. Wengraf is also endorsed by writer Michael Lewis, Senator Loni Hancock, Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, Mayor Tom Bates, Councilmembers Arreguin, Capitelli, Maio, Moore and Wozniak, Alameda County Democratic Party, National Women’s Political Caucus and the Berkeley Fire Fighters.


School Board


Beatriz Levya-CutlerSchool Board Member Beatriz Levya-Cutler

With over 30 years of experience as an educator and director of a childcare program in Berkeley, Beatriz Leyva-Cutler is dedicated to the academic success and growth for all our students by supporting teacher and staff excellence and implementing high academic standards at every school. Focused on 2020 Vision goals, 12 out of 16 of our K-12 schools now surpass the State standard for excellence. As School Board Director, she has preserved pre-school programs for working families, after-school and enrichment activities and adult education; and improved attendance and consistent academic standards at Berkeley High. She has also worked with the community for bond funding that maintains our small class sizes and excellent facilities. Endorsed by Berkeley Federation of Teachers and Assemblymember Nancy Skinner.


Judy AppelJudy Appel 

Judy Appel has been actively involved in our schools for the past decade, both as a parent and a consultant working to help create safer learning environments in which our students can thrive. The mother of two children, she has served as Oxford PTA president and on the Oxford Site Council, and is a community representative on the Superintendent’s budget advisory committee. As executive director of Our Family Coalition, Appel works to create more welcoming and inclusive elementary schools throughout California, and is a member of the California Safe Schools Coalition’s steering committee and the National Safe Schools Roundtable. Appel earned a master’s degree in city and regional planning from UC Berkeley and her J.D. from Hastings. She is endorsed by the Berkeley Federation of Teachers and Senator Loni Hancock.


Rent Board


Judy Hunt

As a resident of West Berkeley, I see the impact of a community undergoing various changes. Aging adults, both tenants and property owners, choose to stay in their residences for as long as they can remain independent. Our elders need housing stability in their retirement years. Having served as a Commissioner on the Alameda County Advisory Commission of Aging, our older adults deserve the dignity of safe secure housing and income to maintain their rental properties. I bring experience as a tenant, an executive administrator with non-profit organizations, property owner and as a community volunteer. The Rent Stabilization Board needs to address issues related to housing stability, and policies that affect property maintenance and management. As a commissioner, I will work with colleagues to develop good governance; and management oversight to provide accountability of resources, and staff duties that align with the mission of the Board and the needs of the community. The Rent Stabilization Board needs the expertise of citizens who have vision and a commitment of fairness to both tenants and landlords. I was chosen to run on the “Berkeley Tenants United for Fairness” slate.


Local Measures


YES Checkbox Selected - Isolated on WhiteMeasure M: Streets & Watersheds Bond

YES on Measure M

Measure M would provide $30 million in bond funds to repair our streets, add permeable paving and bio-swales to reduce flooding and reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff, and make watershed improvements. It will cost us much less to fix our streets now instead of waiting until they fail.


YES Checkbox Selected - Isolated on WhiteMeasure P: Re-authorize Expenditure of Voter-Approved Tax Revenue

YES on Measure P

Measure P does not increase taxes, but merely renews existing taxes for parks, libraries, emergency medical services, emergency services for the disabled, and fire/emergency response and preparedness.



YES Checkbox Selected - Isolated on WhiteMeasure Q: Update Our Utility Users Tax

YES on Measure Q

Measure Q updates Berkeley’s code for its existing utility users tax, which funds police, fire, library, parks, street repairs and other essential public services, to keep current with changes in technology while maintaining exemptions for nonprofit educational organizations and hospitals. It exempts low-income taxpayers, and doesn’t apply to Internet access. It doesn’t change the existing tax rate.


YES Checkbox Selected - Isolated on WhiteMeasure R: Modernize Redistricting

YES on Measure R

Measure R keeps in place our system of Council district elections but sets clear and fair redistricting rules so districts are equal in population and based on compact geographic boundaries and major streets, respect for communities of interest (such as neighborhoods), contiguity and topography. Measure R is endorsed by the League of Women Voters, Berkeley Common Cause, Senator Loni Hancock, Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, Mayor Tom Bates, and all eight members of the Berkeley City Council. 

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NO Checkbox Selected - Isolated on WhiteMeasure U: Falsely-Labeled “Sunshine” Ordinance

NO on Measure U

Berkeley already has an Open Government Ordinance. Measure U would create a new Commission with unprecedented power, accountable to no one, and take over functions that belong to elected councilmembers. It allows that commission to sue the City – at City expense – for non-compliance. Measure U will waste fiscal and staff resources, and gridlock the delivery of essential public services.


NO Checkbox Selected - Isolated on WhiteMeasure V: Misleading “Facts’ Initiative

NO on Measure V

Measure V would cripple the City’s ability to pay its own bills, damage its credit rating, and cost the City millions of dollars in higher interest rates. Inevitable lawsuits would slow municipal business, and the City Council has already authorized similar reports on pension, infrastructure and asset costs.