The Importance of the 2016 CA Primary

by Sean Barry, BDC Board Member

A year ago, most predicted that the California primary would be a relative non-factor in the Democratic presidential race. The landscape is quite different today. While still behind in the delegate count, Bernie Sanders continues to win primaries, raise record-breaking small donations and contest states across the country.
Californians do not go to the polls until June 7th, but the Sanders campaign has already signaled its intention to compete in the state. The move comes amid new polling from the Los Angeles Times and University of Southern California showing a single-digit race. As has been the case in other states, Sanders dominates among young voters, while Clinton leads comfortably with Latinos. California has an open primary, meaning non-Democrats can request a Democratic ballot. Polling indicates that these voters favor Sanders.
Delegates from the June primary are divided proportionally and by Congressional district, which means our votes here in Alameda County matter to the outcome. You can read more about the LA Times poll and the state. of the race