About Us

The Berkeley Democratic Club is the oldest and largest Democratic Club in Alameda County. We have over 500 members, including most elected officials representing Berkeley.


BDC’s Mission Board of Directors Club Bylaws


The Mission of the Berkeley Democratic Club is to:

Promote and support the Democratic Party by inspiring greater participation in the democratic process;

Develop new leaders and bring forward positions that are consistent with Democratic Party values;

Work to improve the quality of life of the people of Berkeley, Alameda County, California, and the United States;

Fight for better health care, increased social services, equality for all people, and other tenets of the Democratic Party platform;

Endorse Democratic causes and candidates in Berkeley elections;

Register voters;

Raise money for Democratic candidates in Berkeley, Alameda County, California, and the United States.



Board of Directors

Laurie Capitelli, President

Deborah Matthews, Vice President

Julie Holcomb, Vice President – Programming

David Shiver, Secretary, Immediate Past President

Fred Harvey, Treasurer

Dmitri Belser*

Elizabeth Echols

Beth Gerstein

Katie Gladstein-Skjerping

Ben Gould

Kristin Hunziker

Ryan Lau

Michelle Lawrence

Stephen Murphy

Roland Peterson

* indicates member on leave


Club Bylaws

Click here to read the BDC’s bylaws (PDF). These bylaws were adopted July 2014.